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Direct injection systems as found in automotive engines can use various injectors that range from inductive solenoid types to capacitive piezoelectric units. National Instruments application engineer Gabriela Berrios explains how a specialized measurement system can analyze and help design injector systems that efficiently power modern vehicles.

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Siemens to deliver end-to-end additive manufacturing software

Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) business has been making moves into the additive manufacturing industry for several months now. (Siemens to collaborate with HP Inc. to elevate 3D printing from prototyping to full production; Local Motors 3D printing cars with Siemens PLM Software; Siemens moves into metal 3D printing; and Software optimizes parts for 3D […]

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The place to learn more: the Additive Manufacturing Users Group conference

Want to learn more about additive manufacturing; how to use it, how to design for it, what materials you can work with, as well as the latest additive machines and systems? Then register for the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) 2017 Education & Training Conference, which will be held in Chicago, Illinois, at the historic […]

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Looking back at the Earth from space

One critical role for space science today is looking back on our home planet, and using highly sensitive satellites to observe conditions and changes on the Earth—truly taking the idea of stepping back for a better view to new heights. When NASA launched its environmental research satellite last year, it carried sensitive Soil Moisture Active

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The mythical unskilled American workforce

Lee Teschler – Executive Editor On Twitter @DW—LeeTeschler I once sat through a panel session at a technical conference that featured engineering managers from four large high-tech companies. They all moaned about the lack of youngsters entering the engineering profession and about finding engineers with the right kind of skills. To hear them talk,

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HMS to offer the Netbiter remote management solution under the eWON® brand

As of October 3rd, HMS Industrial Networks will offer the Netbiter Remote Management solution under the newly acquired brand name eWON®. Alongside eWON Cosy and Flexy, Netbiter will be one of the three main product lines within the eWON Remote Solutions offering. Further to the rebranding, all the elements of Netbiter (gateways, Argos cloud service

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Overmolded connectors offer better protection for harsh applications. They are completely assembled during manufacturing to deliver improved durability, simplified installation and reduced errors compared to field-assembled connectors.

IoT cabling selection tips for harsh environments

By Jay Bartsias, senior product manager, Turck Connectivity, Laura Schweitz, product manager, Turck Connectivity Working on the northern Canadian plains in winter often means wrestling with negative double-digit temperatures every day. These harsh conditions created big cabling problems for an oil and gas company. Where they operate, cable jackets were cracking as they unspooled, and

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Prodways research claims a 5X faster 3D printing technology

The Prodways R&D teams have been collaborating with CEA-LITEN for two years. This collaboration with this institute of CEA – CEA Tech – is working on a new metal 3D printing process using metal powder combined with organic binders. Recently, the team revealed its first successful production of titanium parts using this new exclusive process. […]

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Can you get injection molded quality parts without post processing from 3D printers?

Two features of 3D printers that can be issues for users are the surface finish quality of the part and the subsequent post processing often needed to finish the part. The developers at Rize created a 3D printer to address these issues. The Rize One 3D printer is small enough to sit on a desktop, […]

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Union Tech, Inc. announces line of stereolithography 3D-printing machines

Union Tech, Inc., will leverage more than 15 years of SL equipment manufacturing experience in the Chinese market to offer its line of 3D printing systems to the North American additive manufacturer. The product line consists of four different models (Pilot SD, RSPro 450, RSPro 600, RSPro 800) with platform size ranging from 250 mm square […]

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Software predicts residual stress in metal laser sintering builds

3DSIM LLC, a software company providing products and services on the simulation of Additive Manufacturing (AM), announced its exaSIM Beta Software, a cloud-based AM simulation tool that gives metal laser sintering users insight into residual stress and distortion predictions. The predictions reduce trail and error iterations, increasing the probability of successful builds. Under the exaSIM […]

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Qutoplex High Performance Plastic From Minnesota Rubber & Plastics

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics specializes in metal to plastic component conversions using Qutoplex™ a proprietary high performance plastics (HPP). Proven to lower costs, reduce weight, increase corrosion resistance and perform better in many applications, Qutoplex™ is a new option for component designers. Qutoplex™ is another “first” in the advances in HPP technologies allowing conversions of

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Stainless Steel Threaded Line Vac Turns Pipe Into a Conveyor

EXAIR’s new 303 stainless steel 3/8 NPT and 1/2 NPT Threaded Line Vac™ Air Operated Conveyors convert ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system for parts, scrap, trim and other bulk materials. Their small size makes them perfect for fitting in the cramped spaces and tight confines of many production lines. The Threaded Line Vac

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Electronic enclosures manufacturer TEKO improves product selection

Electronic enclosures manufacturer TEKO has launched a new fully responsive website for better browsing on the move. TEKO’s new website enables users to compare plastic and aluminum enclosures and accessories faster and more easily. In just a few clicks users can compare standard sizes and colors; see available accessories; download materials information, pdf datasheets, dwg

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New app measures energy savings for industrial enclosure A/C systems

Schaumburg, IL – Rittal Corporation, the world’s largest enclosure manufacturer and a leader in thermal management of electrical, electronic and IT equipment, introduces the ChillZone app, an energy savings estimator for the Blue e+ line of industrial enclosure cooling solutions. The ChillZone app, which is available for immediate download in the Google Play™ and Apple®

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Accurate Screw Machine achieves AS9100 REV C Certification

New Jersey-based manufacturer demonstrates its continual dedication to producing the highest quality, custom hardware, fasteners and machined components for the aerospace market. CHICAGO, IL – Accurate Screw Machine (ASM), a division of MW Industries, Inc., is pleased to announce its achievement of AS9100 Rev. C certification for its Fairfield, New Jersey manufacturing plant. AS9100 registration

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